Seen and Heard: Happenings Around Town



Seen and Heard: Happenings Around Town

  • 'Fight Club 2' to be released in 2015

    WASHINGTON -- Tyler Durden is back. 

    Chuck Palahniuk, celebrated author of "Fight Club," is releasing a second installment to his 1996 novel, which was turned into one helluva movie featuring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter

    The new story picks up 10 years after the original ending. The narrator is married to Marla Singer, and together they have a 9-year-old son named Junior, Gizmodo's Sploid blog reports.

    Many of the original characters will also be featured in the new installment, which is being released in 2015 as a graphic novel illustrated by Cameron Stewart

    Stewart tells Rolling Stone that he chose a "cartoony" style as a way to "capture the density of the story."

    There is no word on a second movie ... yet. But watch a scene from the original movie below, and remember not to talk about what you see here :

    Fight Club Trailer - HD
    by SuperAnon9876 via YouTube

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