On the hunt for Xbox One and PlayStation 4


On the hunt for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

This Christmas, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have become the hard-to-find gifts. WTOP's Andrew Mollenbeck goes looking for one.

  • Here are some of Andrew Mollenbeck’s takeaways from the shopping adventure:

    • Timing is everything. The Wal-Mart location at which I found the Xbox One did not have it displayed. I asked an associate, who was unloading merchandise, if there were any in stock. He told me a truck had arrived overnight and an Xbox might be on it. The associate gave me one from the shipment before it even hit the shelves.
    • Calling ahead has limitations. If a store happens to have a console in stock, it could well be sold by the time you arrive. Conversely, a store may not have a console at the time of your call, and one may arrive unexpectedly.
    • The PlayStation 4 is the more difficult of the two to find, in part because it costs about $100 less.
    • New shipments continue to arrive piecemeal. It may take lots of patience and numerous attempts to find what you’re searching for. 
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