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The District's dining scene is one that's booming. Catch the latest food, drink and dining updates on WTOP Living's food list.

Washington's food and drink scene is booming. In fact, more than 100 new restaurants opened in the D.C. area in 2013, alone. 

Make sure you catch the latest on D.C.'s growing restaurant hot spots, cocktail programs and dining deals with WTOP Living.  Here's what's happening this week. 

  • Have you ever been inclined to leave a bad Yelp review? Well, one California restaurant is encouraging diners to do so, The San Francisco Gate reports. Botto Bistro's owners are even offering 25 percent off any pizza for diners who leave a one-star review. 

    What's up with the bad publicity? The owners of the Italian restaurant say they're tired of restaurant review manipulation and advertising inquiries from Yelp. (The article points out that Yelp has long been accused of manipulating business-review ratings to sell advertisements, and a court recently ruled that there's nothing wrong with that.) 

    Owner Davide Cerretini says he wants to decide whether he's on the site and he wants diners to rely less on restaurant review sites. Since launching his campaign against Yelp, Cerretini says he's attracted better, more loyal customers. I guess a one-star review isn't so bad, after all. 

     AP Photo

  • What are you making for Rosh Hashanah? The Jewish Food Experience has some ideas. The network collected recipes from D.C. chefs, featuring everything from whitefish salad on toasted bagel with Havarti cheese to tomato and basil quiche and smoked salmon pizza. 

     AP Photo

  • Move over Blizzards ... There's a new ice cream/candy combo in town. (Well, technically it's a gelato/candy combo.) During the month of October, Dolcezza will serve Halloween coppettas in three flavor varieties: 

    • The Butterfinger: Black sesame gelato, crushed Butterfinger candy, toasted sesame seeds and sea salt
    • Caramel Apple: Honey crisp apple sorbetto, Michele's Granola and dulce de leche sauce
    • Peanut Butter Cup: House-ground peanut butter gelato, crushed Reese's peanut butter cups and a dash of sea salt 
    The Butterfinger Coppetta (Courtesy Dolcezza)  


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