Valentine's Day 2015


Valentine's Day 2015

Some of the love stories, deals and events surrounding Valentine's Day 2015.

  • Are you single? Take heart: D.C. ranks high for love-seekers

    WASHINGTON — As roses arrive at office cubicles and reservations for two fill up restaurants, singles have the opportunity to take stock of their circumstances.

    The unsettling reality soon strikes at the core: Singles Awareness Day, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day, has arrived.

    But the future may not seem so bleak for the singles ready to mingle in D.C. Perhaps — would you believe? — they can even find a glimmer of hope this year.

    As it happens, no big city in America is a better than D.C. for singles to find love, according to a review by Zillow.


  • Valentine’s Day flowers: Tips to get the most for your money

    WASHINGTON — When it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, loved ones often don’t receive what you think you’ve purchased for them.

    “Even if you find a bouquet that looks really good online, often that’s not the bouquet that’s being delivered because online sites have a lot of stipulations,” says Executive Editor of Kevin Brasler.

    Florists filling orders collected from most online websites are allowed to substitute flowers.

    Brasler says they often do so with varieties that are less expensive than what may be pictured.


  • Starbucks, hope love brews at ‘world’s largest’ coffee date

    WASHINGTON — How do take your coffee? With cream, sugar or a side of soul mate?

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Starbucks is teaming up with to throw the “world’s largest Starbucks date” at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada on Feb. 13.

    From 2 p.m. until close, coffee fans looking for love can visit Starbucks locations and choose from special menu pairings available for $5.

    The “world’s largest Starbucks date” is just part of Starbucks’ effort to bring people together, says Starbucks Global Chief Marketing Officer Sharon Rothstein in a statement.

    According to Match, more than one in three singles said that having coffee together is a favorite activity for a first date. Also, more than 3 million members members list “coffee and conversation” as one of their interests.


  • Mother knows best, even on Valentine’s Day

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Guys, if you want to get the girl, try bringing flowers — to her mother.

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s something to think about: Winning over mom may sound old-fashioned, but it’s still a smart strategy in today’s fast-changing, app-tapping, hookup-happy world of dating.

    In a new poll, 6 in 10 young women say when they’re thinking of getting serious with somebody, their mother’s approval is “extremely” or “very” important.

    “She makes the call,” said Jessica Wilhelm, a 19-year-old college student and self-described “mommy’s girl.”


  • Alexandria makes Amazon’s most romantic cities list

    Alexandria once again makes Amazon’s annual list of Most Romantic U.S. Cities, coming in at No. 4 this year.

    Amazon compiles its list based on orders per capita of everything from romance novels and romantic comedy DVDs to romantic music and sexual-wellness products.

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  • 8 cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas
    Getty Images 

    This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, opening up the possibilities for how to spend the day with your significant other. If you’re worried that an entire day with your sweetheart might rack up quite a large bill, don’t worry. There are plenty of inexpensive date and gift ideas that can help make this your most memorable Valentine’s Day yet.

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  • Lover’s guide to a memorable (and cheap!) Valentine’s Day date

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you’ve been married for 30 years or dating for 30 days, you probably want to plan something special with that special someone.

    If you’re on a tight budget, planning a great Valentine’s Day date can seem impossible. But the key to a memory-worthy date isn’t dropping $150 on dinner and $100 on roses. The key is understanding yourself and your significant other, and then leveraging that understanding to plan a memorable — and affordable — date.

    Read how on

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  • Garden Plot: An orchid show and a Valentine’s Day floral glossary

    Exactly one week left until Valentine’s Day, men! And if you’re planning on the traditional gift of roses, watch your colors! Red roses do mean “love” in the ancient floral code known as the “Language of Flowers,” but other colors connote much less romantic intentions.

    Read what different flowers mean on

    AP Photo/Elise Amendola 

  • Consumer spending and online dating increase significantly as we approach Valentine's Day. Heed these online security tips from The Washington Business Journal on

  • 7 cheap Valentine’s Day activities for singles on

  • Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Get into the Valentine's Day mood with free poems from Audible.

  • How food can spice up your sex life this Valentine’s Day

    With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there’s no better time than the present to kick it up a notch in the romance department. 

    So, if your love life has been a little vanilla lately (a top claimed aphrodisiac, by the way), use this special day to get creative with the five foods.

    Read the five foods on

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  • (Thinkstock)
    by WTOP News

    WASHINGTON -- Fourteen lucky District couples will get to call Feb.
    14, 2015 their anniversary date. 

    D.C. Family Court has announced that the marriage bureau will be open Saturday for the first time ever to perform the weddings.

    “I appreciate court staff taking time away from their family and friends and coming to work on a Saturday morning so that we can perform these couples’ marriage ceremonies on this special date,” said Chief Judge Lee Satterfield in a press release.

     “We expect to see a lot of smiling faces this Saturday, on the faces of the newly-married couples and their loved ones, and on the faces of court staff who so enjoy being witness to this special time in peoples’ lives.”

    Press will be allowed in the room while ceremonies take place as long as they have the couple's consent.

  • The best chocolate and wine pairings for Valentine's Day

    WTOPWASHINGTON — Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. It’s an age-old tradition to give heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to your loved one on February 14th. And wine and…
  • Tips for emergency-related Valentine’s Day gifts

    WASHINGTON — Fairfax County is hoping it can spread some love — and emergency preparedness — this Valentine’s Day.

    The Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management shared emergency-related gift ideas just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

    Read the gift ideas and watch a video on

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  • E-card company, JibJab brings Internet love, laughs together for Valentine’s Day

    This Valentine’s Day, you may want to forget the traditional cards for your honey, and instead go for a personalized video message from the burgeoning company, JibJab.

    The e-card website, which lets users upload picture of themselves and their loved ones into choreographed video messages, is ready for one of its busiest days of the year and its CEOs are anticipating big business for Valentine’s Day.

    Gregg Spiridellis — who runs JibJab with his brother Evan — says Valentine’s Day brings about 20 million visitors to the website, USA TODAY reports. Christmas rakes in the most visits with 40 million. The rest of the year, about 5 million people visit the site.

    “Valentine’s Day is huge for us,” Spiridellis said to USA TODAY.


    Courtesy JibJab 
  • If your Valentine prefers tech gifts over chocolate or flowers then here are some gizmo ideas.

  • AP 
    How do people really find love?

    With Valentine's Day sneaking up, love is in the air. 

    Read a few how-we-met stories -- from one that could be considered terribly tacky to another involving a local round of putt-putt golf.

    The story is on
  • Friends of the National Zoo offer naked mole rat valentines

    WASHINGTON — Valentine’s Day conjures up images of chocolates, flowers, Cupid and naked mole rats.

    At least, that’s if the Friends of the National Zoo has anything to do with it.

    FONZ, which raises money to support the National Zoo, is offering a special where you can adopt a naked mole rat in your name and the proceeds go toward the conservation of the species. The donation comes with a cheeky naked mole rat valentine.

    The $10 donation special on Living Social — a $20 value, FONZ notes — includes a certificate of adoption and a choice from four valentines that have images of naked mole rats and blush-worthy messages such as “I wanna roll around naked with you.”

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  • Murals make it Valentine’s Day all year-round in Philly

    This Saturday may be for sweethearts, but every day is Valentine’s Day in one section of Philadelphia.

    Dozens of “Love Letter” murals brighten the walls along nearly 20 blocks of elevated transit tracks. The art mixes funky lettering with graphics and heartfelt phrases like “Forever begins when you say yes” and “See me like I see you: Beautiful.

    Read more and see photos of the murals on

  • At some flower shops, you won’t find roses for Valentine’s Day
    Photo courtesy Little Acre Farms 

    WASHINGTON — At The Modest Florist, in Baltimore, there isn’t a red rose in sight — not even on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. It’s a business decision that owner Libby Francis-Baxter says is intentional.

    The shop, which opened in 2013, sells only locally grown flowers, and as it turns out, rose-growers in the D.C. area are scarce.

    “Up until about the ’80s, it was very typical to have greenhouses that specialized in roses all throughout the country,” Francis-Baxter says. But, she says, that is no longer the case.

    In 1971, the U.S. produced 1.2 billion blooms of roses, carnations and chrysanthemums, and imported 200 million. Thirty years later, those statistics reversed,Smithsonian reports.

    “Little by little, over the decades, we now have about 90 percent of the roses that are sold in the United States actually coming from Colombia and Ecuador, with very few still produced in California,” Francis-Baxter says.

    Seventy percent of all flowers sold in the U.S. come from Colombia, a countrythat exports around $1 billion worth of flowers annually.

    For florists, Valentine’s Day is the single busiest day of the year — a day, Francis-Baxter says, that significantly impacts annual sales. With roses totaling75 percent of the flowers purchased on Valentine’s Day, one might find it crazy to intentionally not sell them. But Francis-Baxter isn’t easily intimidated, nor is she dissuaded from her mission.


  • Roses are red, but rosés are for Valentine’s Day

    A sparkling rose wine makes for a perfect Valentine's Day beverage. Scott Greenberg has suggestions to share with someone special. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg) 

    WASHINGTON -- This Valentine’s Day, there is no better wine with which to celebrate new love - or the love you already share with someone - than a bottle of bubbly. But not just any sparkling wine.

    For the day named in honor of a young Roman priest, Valentine of Rome, who was martyred for secretly preforming wedding ceremonies during a ban in AD 269, one should choose a special wine that adds color as well as style for this year’s day of love. Sparkling rosé wines are just what Cupid ordered.

    Read more in Wine of the Week on

  • A Real heart for Valentine's Day

    Oliver's mother had never thought he'd live this long, but medical science has allowed this cupid a chance no one would imagine a generation ago -- all because of a transplant. Read more on

    Caylyn Otto places her hands on her son, Oliver, at the Phoenix Children's Hospital in Phoenix on Friday, Feb. 13, 2015. (AP Photo/Terry Tang) 


  • @mcpnews @AlexandriaVAPD @ArlingtonVaPD should be easy to spot, follow the trail of hearts. He's a suspect sketch:

  • Snow blues putting New England Valentine's Day brokers in the red

    In New England, super snow storms are threatening the normally booming Valentine's Day restaurant market.
    More on 

    In this Feb. 11, 2015 file photo, commuters walk past piles of snow in front of Au Chocolat in downtown Boston. During the series of storms, some retail businesses are struggling as messy roads and traffic jams have driven consumers away. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes) 

  • And another Valentine's Day wedding at DC Superior Court #Wtop

  • Hey Valentines Day is marriage day at DC Superior Court Tyson Anderson and Julie Sehnal #wtop #ValentinesDay #wtop

  •  A Princely Valentine's Day

    Prince woke up early Saturday to share some love and hits on Valentine’s Day to a crowd that included Michael Jordan and Chris Rock.

    FILE - In this Feb. 8, 2015 file photo, Prince presents the award for album of the year at the 57th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Prince was the main attraction when he performed a concert early Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 for a crowd that include Michael Jordan, Chris Rock, Questlove and Queen Latifah, who danced and sang to his rousing set in downtown New York City. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP) 

    The pop icon performed an early morning concert to a star-studded audience: Questlove, Rosario Dawson, Nas and Queen Latifah, were among those dancing and singing to his rousing set in downtown New York City. More on

  • Wedding bells ring in D.C. Superior Court on Valentine's Day
    WTOP/Dick Uliano 

    WASHINGTON — Cupid’s love arrows have hit their marks this Valentine’s Day in the halls of D.C. Superior Court. Fourteen couples tied the knot Saturday in the court’s wedding chapel,  beneath a floral arch and a dangling plush red heart.

    It’s the first time D.C. Superior Court’s Marriage Bureau has conducted wedding ceremonies on a Saturday, especially scheduled this Valentine’s Day.


  • Michele Ferrero, maker of Nutella, dies on Valentine's Day

    ROME (AP) — Michele Ferrero, the world’s richest candy maker whose Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread helped raise generations of Europeans and defined Italian sweets, died on Valentine’s Day, the company said. He was 89.
    AP Photo 

    Ferrero, who had been ill for several months, died Saturday in Montecarlo where he lived, surrounded by his family, the company said in a statement.

    Ferrero was the patriarch of the eponymous family empire best known for its Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The company’s products also included Tic Tacs and the Kinder line of products — including the eggs beloved by children for the treat inside.


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