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  • Sam Houston State players graduate at 36,000 feet

    WASHINGTON -- There have been plenty of bad off-the-field sports stories in 2014. This is one of the good ones.

    Due to their travel schedule for the FCS playoffs, three Sam Houston State seniors were unable to walk at their official graduation. Instead, they walked down the aisle of the plane en route to their quarterfinal game against Villanova, to the cheers of everyone aboard.

    Dustin Moehlig, Shane Young and former player-turned-staff member Chris Rogers ended up with a far more memorable commencement than most anyone can claim. As for the Bearkats? They beat Villanova, and have fought their way to the title game, against North Dakota State at the Fargodome Friday night.
  • John Wall stars in "Taken" spoof with Liam Neeson

    WASHINGTON --  The sports/movie crossover ads from the past few years are pretty universally lame. Equating the Fantastic Four with a bunch of pro athletes somehow seems insulting to both.

    But the most recent such ad -- an ESPN spot for the upcoming film Taken 3 and the NBA -- features John Wall, so you have our attention for the next 30 seconds. Go.

    This isn’t terrible, but we wish it was a better matchup to get excited about. Is now a good time to tell Neeson that the Knicks are 5-21 and rank 19th in field goal percentage in the NBA? Cool, you tell him.
  • Braves renderings show them losing/rip off Nationals Park

    WASHINGTON -- There’s a lot going on here, but let’s start with the big one. When you’re trying to generate excitement about your brand new stadium, you probably don’t want to show the home team losing. But that’s exactly what we see in this rendering of SunTrust Park, set to open in 2017.

    New SunTrust Park renderings. 

    Close-up of scoreboard. 

    But that’s not all. A closer examination reveals that the electronic scoreboard grab is really from…wait for it…Nationals Park. The Braves are listed to the left and the Nats to the right. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this photo of the board at Nats Park from the NLDS this year.

    Pretty bad, right? So, technically the Braves are winning, but, yeah, no.

    But there’s one more oddity here. The stadium scoreboard clock reads 9:55 p.m., but the sun is still well above the horizon line. Are the Braves really moving to Anchorage? At least they wouldn’t have to change that A…

  • The best ski line of 2014 is sheer insanity

    WASHINGTON -- This is nuts.

    The mere fact that such a chute even exists to be skied, much less a human being’s willingness to do so, is already extraordinary. But just watching this makes you clench your muscles and hold your breath.

    Cody Townsend is our powder-shredding, daredevil stunt-taking, Go Pro-wearing protagonist, as he basically straight lines down an impossibly carved chute in Alaska’s Tordrillos Mountain Range. Even though you know he’s going to make it, you don’t know if he’s going to make it.

    Townsend earned the “Best Line” at the 15th Annual Powder Awards (a real thing!) along with “Best Male Performance” and whatever “Full Throttle” is. Just give him all of the awards.
  • Redskins players fight at practice

    WASHINGTON -- The Washington Redskins’ season hit rock bottom with their 24-0, home shutout loss to St. Louis on Sunday, right? Right?

    Well, Wednesday brought more drama, although this time it had nothing to do with the merry-go-round quarterback situation, the team’s embattled nickname, or even its much-maligned owner. No, this time it was a simple case of two players fighting at the team’s practice facility, and the scuffle was caught on camera by CSN Washington.

    Wide receiver Andre Roberts and cornerback Bashaud Breeland came to blows during a drill, after Breeland deflected a pass intended for Roberts. According to The Washington Times’ Tom Schad, the two removed their helmets and argued before the swings you see in the video below. Reporters were escorted out shortly after the incident.

  • Panthers QB Cam Newton injured in car wreck

    WASHINGTON -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was reportedly injured in a car accident early Tuesday afternoon in uptown Charlotte, according to the Charlotte Observer.

    A car overturned and Newton, identified by an Observer photographer at the scene of the accident, was taken away in an ambulance.

    Newton was the first overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft after winning the Heisman Trophy and the National Championship at Auburn University.

    More on this story as it develops at

  • Donald escapes baboon on course

    WASHINGTON -- Luke Donald had himself one heck of an opening round Thursday at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. When it was all said and done, he tallied nine birdies, no bogies, and a narrow escape from a charging baboon.

    Anytime you can register more primate escapes than strokes over par in your round, you’re doing something right. Donald held a two-stroke lead on the field heading into Friday after posting a 63.
  • Blazers' blimp crashes into crowd during game

    WASHINGTON -- OH GOD THERE’S A CAR DRIVING INTO THE CROWD, wait, no, seriously, what’s happening here?

    As yes, the Landmark Ford inflatable blimp at Thursday night’s Portland Trailblazers game lost control and ended up in the stands, over a section of unsuspecting fans. RIP, Section 209, you will be missed.

    Blazers in-arena personnel tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to remove the felled aerial device through one of the tunnels between the sections, wedging it in between the walls of concrete in the process.

    As for the car, well, Ford’s crash test safety ratings are normally pretty good. The fact that the blimp appears to be modeled after the Ford “Escape” is simply an unfortunate coincidence. There were no reports of injury as a result of the incident.

    Blimp Crashes Into Crowd At NBA Game

  • Watch classic footage of Manute Bol draining three pointers

    WASHINGTON -- Have you heard? The Philadelphia 76ers finally won! In celebration, let’s watch 7-foot-7 center Manute Bol go all Steph Curry on the Phoenix Suns in this unearthed footage from 1993.

    As any streaky shooter will tell you, once you get the swing of things, it feels like anything you put up might go in. With his team down big, the big man decided to fire one up from deep. He made his first two, and three of his first four, so he just kept shooting.

    There were some bricks, and even a travel in an attempt to get himself open, but it was all worth it. As a coup de gras, Bol hammers his sixth and final shot home from 30 feet, earning a high five from former teammate Charles Barkley, then playing for the Suns.

    It’s a fitting tribute for Bol, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 47. In addition to being one of the tallest players in basketball history, Bol was also a tremendous humanitarian, helping to build schools in his native Sudan after retirement.

    Thanks to Deadspin’s new offshoot Rabbithole for discovering this gem.
  • Sherman, Baldwin dig at NFL in press conference

    AP Sports Writer


    RENTON, Wash. (AP) -- With the help of a cardboard cutout, the Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin took digs at the NFL during a news conference on Tuesday after the league issued a $100,000 fine to teammate Marshawn Lynch for not speaking to the media.

    Sherman and Baldwin made mention of everything from the league's sponsorship deals with major beer companies to their own personal endorsements that are not affiliated with the NFL, to the talk of player safety with the Seahawks about to play their second game in five days.

    The point of their performance seemed to be that whatever they said -- real or satirical -- it would not be a violation of the league's media policy on speaking with reporters.

    "The other day Marshawn Lynch got fined $100,000. Did you know that, $100,000?" Sherman said. "And it's like they wouldn't have paid him $100,000 if he had talked. If he had spoken, Doug do you think they would have paid him $100,000?"


  • J,. Brooks,

    WASHINGTON -- As the weather around the DMV braces for possible snow and
    wet weather over the next couple of days, rest assured the Buffalo Bills
    will be able to stay home for an actual home game this Sunday.

    ESPN reports the Bill will take on Cleveland at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which has been cleared of the mammoth snow fall that happened
    around the Buffalo area last week.

    The Bills defeated the Jets, 38-3 Monday night, in Detroit. The game was moved from Sunday to Monday due to the massive amounts of snow on the playing field at Ralph Wilson. 

    The team had offered 500 jobs at $10 an hour to clear the field but the NFL erred on the side of
    caution  and moved the game to Detroit’s Ford Field. The League had also been considering Fed Ex Field in Landover, Maryland. 

    The Bills can use all the home field advantage they can to get over the last few weeks of the regular season, as they are right back in the thick of the AFC playoffs. 

    Both the Bills and the Browns are on the outside looking in.

  • Lynch returns wallet to…Lynch

    WASHINGTON -- Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s future in Seattle is up in the air. But for the moment, he’s the most popular man in town -- or at least in Marysville, Washington.

    A Marysville resident named Jason Lynch (no relation) saw the player at a gas station in town, but decided not to bother him. Unbenownst to Jason, he dropped his wallet while at the station, and returned home. Marshawn found the wallet, picked it up, and returned it to the man’s house.

    While Jason was not home at the time, his neighbors were, and got to meet Marshawn and wide receiver Ricardo Lockette.

    "Crazy!” Jason later said on Facebook. “I can't thank them guys enough for bringing it back and for making my neighbor a very happy lady for getting to a chance to meet them.

  • Browser extension removes ‘Redskins’ from your browsing

    WASHINGTON -- For those fans of the “Washington Football Team” that wish to remove the team’s nickname from their day-to-day web experience, there’s a web extension for that.

    As reported on Mashable, the product is called Redskins Web Skin, and it changes the nickname to a “more dignified term” of the user’s choice. Those terms include the Americans, Athletes, Thanksgiving Originators and Tribe. It is currently available for Google Chrome, with other browser options forthcoming.

    Looks like the Tribe is heading to the west coast this weekend…

  • Saints fan is this weekend’s poorest sport

    WASHINGTON -- Watching your team lose at home isn’t fun. Watching them lose badly is even worse. But taking out your frustrations on happy-go-lucky visiting fans who have traveled to your city is generally not a good way to go, especially because everything is on camera these days.

    One New Orleans Saints fan learned this lesson the hard way Sunday. After Bengals wide receiver Jermaine Gresham crossed the goal line to put Cincinnati up three scores on the host Saints, he targeted a female Bengals fan in the crowd and tossed her the football. But said Saints fan leapt into action, like the world’s saddest super hero, and snatched the ball away from the unsuspecting fan.

    According to the sideline reporter covering the game, the fan expressed “zero remorse” for his actions and said he had “absolutely not” given any thought to giving up the ball. Nice job, guy, nice effort.

    Times are tough for the New Orleans Saints. After Rob Woodfork cursed them by picking them to win the Super Bowl, the Saints immediately dropped their first two contests and have not been over .500 all season. Sunday’s 27-10 loss to the Bengals was their second home defeat in eight days, and left them just 4-6 with six games to play. All of this is to say that anger and frustration are understandable -- but there are probably better ways to deal with such emotions.

    The story did have a happy ending, though, as late in the fourth quarter, the intended recipient of the ball did in fact receive one.

  • Redskins fan rips off Browns fan’s last request

    WASHINGTON -- In an obituary in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 52-year-old Redskins fan John Ray Bartgis of Mechanicsville, Va. asked for players to serve as his pallbearers as a final request, so that his team can “let him down one last time.”

    That may strike long-suffering Redskins fans as funny, but it should strike any ardent NFL fan as wholly unoriginal. That’s because it’s a straight rip-off of a Cleveland Browns fan, who made the identical request one year ago.

    Furthermore, the Browns fan had more of a legitimate gripe, considering that his team has never even been to the Super Bowl, left town in 1995 and has had only two winning seasons in the 15 years since the newly minted franchise opened up shop in 1999.

    But hey, maybe Bartgis is onto something with this whole “copying the Browns” idea. After all, Cleveland enters the weekend at 6-3 and in first place in the AFC North, while the Redskins are in the cellar of the NFC East at 3-6.
  • Metta World Peace is now The Panda's Friend

    WASHINGTON -- If this is all getting a little confusing for you, we understand.

    With the 16th overall selection of the 1999 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls took a 6-foot-7 forward named Ron Artest out of St. John's University. Despite his talent, he was most well known for "The Malice at the Palace," one of the more frightening moments in professional sports player/fan relations.

    Partially as a result, Artest later changed his name to the not unironic Metta World Peace, a name he has abided by until now. Now, Artest/Peace will be known as The Panda's Friend.

    It's hard to say if this is more than a marketing ploy at this point, but Artest/Peace/Friend is putting his money where his mouth is. Or at least, where his feet are.

    This is an actual photo, from an actual basketball game from China, where Artest/Peace/Friend currently plays, posted to his own Twitter account, in which he is wearing stuffed pandas on his shoes.

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is really happening.

    Here, have another look.

    It's Ron Artest's weird world out there. We're just living in it.
  • Nobody wants to see the Redskins play Tampa Bay

    WASHINGTON -- The Redskins are not very good again this year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are, arguably, worse. The two teams are set to square off this weekend in Landover, and fans are understandably unenthused.

    A quick glance at ESPN’s listings for Week 11 NFL games shows that nearly 7,000 tickets still remain, more than twice as many as at any other venue in the league (next closest: 3,354 for the Vikings-Bears game in Chicago). Perhaps even more telling, though, is the price these tickets are commanding. On the low end, they are available from just $11.

    That’s a quarter the price of the next lowest ticket available, a $44 seat in Charlotte to watch the Falcons and Panthers. While the very cheapest Redskins tickets available are standing room only, there are lower level seats available for less than $14.

    That makes an NFL game just about the most affordable thing you can do in D.C. (well, Landover) this weekend.
  • Utah’s early celebration leads to 178-yard Oregon TD

    WASHINGTON -- Yes, an American football field is only 100 yards long. But thanks to an unbelievable (if not unprecedented), boneheaded play by Utah Utes receiver Kaelin Clay, the Oregon Ducks scored a 178-yard touchdown Saturday night, one which may have saved their season.

    With Utah ahead 7-0 early in the second quarter, Utes quarterback Travis Wilson connected with Clay over the top of the Oregon defense, and he ran free what appeared to be a 78-yard touchdown to put the home team up 14 points in front of a raucous home crowd.

    But another look showed that Clay began his celebration a yard early, dropping the ball out the back of his right hand at the one yard line before crossing the goal line. The side judge never ruled a touchdown on the field, and the Oregon defenders had the wherewithal to pick the ball up. After a quick tussle for the ball at the one yard line, the ball came loose again and was picked up by Ducks linebacker Joe Walker, who scampered 100 yards the other way with a convoy of blockers.

    That play galvanized Oregon, which scored 51 of the game’s final 71 points en route to a victory that kept them undefeated in the PAC-12 and (almost certainly) among the top four teams in the College Football Playoff rankings.
  • Brett Favre was third choice for ‘There’s Something About Mary’

    WASHINGTON -- If you’re between the ages of, say, 27 and not-too-old-to-still-find-the-Farrelly-brothers-funny, this is your sports/entertainment news nugget of the week. In an interview on the Rich Eisen Show Wednesday, the directors of “There’s Something About Mary” revealed that Brett Favre wasn’t their first…or even second choice for the now-famous cameo role.

    Instead, they had Drew Bledsoe pegged for the part. But Bledsoe’s involvement in a nightclub stage-diving accident at an Everclear concert (hello, 1997) made him leery about appearing publicly in a major motion picture. According to Peter Farrelly, Bledsoe told them “I can’t come do your movie in Miami, because if they find out I did a movie after that, they’re going to run me out of town.”

    That incident later led to a lawsuit, in which Bledsoe paid $400,000 as part of a $1.2 million settlement.

    Bledsoe even called the show, admitting that not taking the role was “one of my great regrets in life.”

    Meanwhile, the brothers moved on to target number two, 49ers quarterback Steve Young. But Young’s Mormon roots (he is the great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young) made him shy away from the project, despite reportedly loving the script. “It’s R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids are going to be sneaking in, and I wouldn’t feel good about that,” the brothers recalled him saying.

    So the Farrelly brothers and Cameron Diaz and the rest of America ended up with Brett “Fahr-vre.” Given the bit about young, maybe it explains a little more why Mary was actually a Niners fan.

    Watch the full interview below. The good stuff starts at the 2:37 mark.

  • Cowboys use unfortunate hashtag for trip to England

    WASHINGTON -- The Dallas Cowboys cross the ocean this week for a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. In celebration, the team’s Twitter account created a hashtag that truly everyone can get behind.

    Yes, that’s right: #CowboysUK. #CowboysUK all the way to England. Finally, a way for Redskins, Eagles and Giants fans to find common ground.

    The Cowboys may not really be America’s team, but we’re pretty sure everyone can agree with the sentiment: #CowboysUK.
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