• Cubs grounds crew unable to roll tarp out, lose game to rain

    WASHINGTON -- In case you missed it Tuesday night, the Chicago Cubs Cubbed the living Cub out of a baseball game in the Cubbiest way possible.

    Leading the San Francisco Giants 2-0 at home heading to the bottom of the fifth, the game had just qualified under baseball rules as an official contest when the umpires called for the tarp. The Wrigley Field grounds crew brought it out, but managed not to unroll it properly, allowing the weight of the falling water to throw physics against them. Pretty soon, all was lost.

    Even though the rain eventually stopped, sections of the infield were far too soaked to continue. Efforts to repair the grounds were fruitless and the game was called, meaning that the Cubs actually won. Unsurprisingly, the Giants are going to protest.

    One YouTube user did the only appropriate thing under the circumstances and set a sped up version of the idiocy to “Yakety Sax” for your enjoyment. So, enjoy.

    For more comedy, take a look at the Twitter chronology from CSN Bay Area’s Andy Baggarly, who chronicled the madness as it happened.
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