Former NFL referee says he avoided Washington game...




  • Former NFL referee says he avoided Washington games due to team name

    WASHINGTON -- In a column by Mike Wise of The Washington Post Wednesday, former NFL referee Mike Carey revealed that he asked specifically not to be assigned to any Redskins games from 2007 on, due to his aversion to the team name.

    The 19-year veteran, who was the first African-American referee to work a Super Bowl and was widely regarded as one of the best in the game, now works in the NFL main office a rules analyst. His views only came to light thanks to the larger discussion among whether or not the name will be used on broadcasts this season.

    “The league respectfully honored my request not to officiate Washington,” Carey told Wise. “It just became clear to me that to be in the middle of the field, where something disrespectful is happening, was probably not the best thing for me.”

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