Frigid air, wind blast region



Frigid air, wind blast region

  • Statement from Anne Arundel County Public Schools

    Much like Prince William, Anne Arundel County Public Schools also issued a statement explaining its decision-making to open schools Tuesday morning. 

    Here is the statement from Superintendent of Schools George Arlotto released the following statement today regarding the decision to open schools on time:

    “The decision to open, close, or delay the opening of schools is
    complex and one which I do not take lightly.
    This morning, after
    receiving data and recommendations from staff, I made the decision based
    on the information that I had available at the time.
    I am sorry that
    the day ultimately played out the way it did, and I fully understand the
    frustration of our parents, students, and employees.

    Had I known what I know now, there is no question that I would have
    made a different decision.
    The obligation and responsibility we have to
    take prudent measures to help ensure the safety of our students and
    staff are paramount, and they play a huge role in everything we do.

    W have had many discussions today and will continue to have
    discussions about ways to improve the process of weather-related
    No process we can construct will be perfect, but I pledge to
    our parents, students, and employees that we will take whatever steps we
    can to make sure that process is as close to perfect as possible.

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