#CrimingWhileWhite takes off on Twitter


#CrimingWhileWhite takes off on Twitter

The protests over the recent non-indictments in the killing of unarmed black men by white policemen in New York City and in Ferguson, Missouri, have taken on a digital aspect.

The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite, seemingly a takeoff on the concept of "driving while black," began trending on Twitter Wednesday. While some of the tweets with the hashtag document crimes committed by white people who were neither shot or killed by the police, perhaps the most powerful tweets are confessions by white people of crimes they got away with, or at least weren't roughed up for.

As The Washington Post says, it's Twitter, so there's no telling for sure whether the confessions are for real. But it's highly doubtful they're all fake, and some are eye-popping.

Here's a sampling:

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