Phillies to make season more palatable by serving ...




  • Phillies to make season more palatable by serving wine, liquor

    WASHINGTON -- The Philadelphia Phillies are pushing forward with the best worst idea ever, and will be serving hard alcohol and wine at games for the first time in the 2015 season.

    Cocktails and wine will be available on the main concourse at general concession areas, according to However, fans will not be allowed to bring their drinks back to their seats, and will instead have to finish their drinks entirely before returning to watch the game.

    On one hand, this should make what promises to be an insufferably bad season slightly more bearable. On the other hand, Philly fans slamming booze as quickly as possible between innings probably won’t help reduce their notoriety for abhorrent behavior, from heckling injured players, to chucking batteries, to intentionally vomiting on children.

    Opening Day is less than a week away!
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