What annoys you more?


What annoys you more?

What annoys you? Survey finds travel, tech pet peeves 

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WASHINGTON -- There are certain behaviors that get under people’s skin, and new research is showing the biggest pet peeves of this generation.

The Harris Poll surveyed more than 2,200 adults and pinpointed their annoyances in areas such as air travel, social media, email and grammar.


When it comes to flying, about 65 percent of Americans surveyed said their pet peeve is people who misuse the overhead bins by either over-stuffing them or putting their belongings in a bin in a different section of the plane.

About 35 percent of people said they are most annoyed by air travelers who recline their seats in the coach cabin.

When driving, 53 percent said they are annoyed by tailgaters and 47 percent are perturbed by drivers who stay in the passing lane.


Cellphones, tablets and other electronics are ubiquitous and can be a source of frustration in a social atmosphere.

Sixty-five percent of people say the most annoying habit is people who have loud conversations on their mobile phones in public places. About 35 percent said people repeatedly checking their mobile phones while having an in-person conversation took the cake for the most annoying action.

With emails, 60 percent of those surveyed said their biggest annoyance was emails written in all capital letters.

For more information about the survey and to see some of the other pet peeves, read the Harris Poll press release.

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